About Us & Our Mission

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Key's Creations was created on the premise of making funny gifts and materials that could be shared anywhere and with anyone. We don't believe we have to be crass or rude with our sarcastic dry wit in order to make people laugh. Our products contain 0% Profanity, 100% Hilarity, and (When Applicable) 1000% Sarcasm.

We at Key's Creations are also big fans of running. So we've decided to switch gears a bit and create some great products for all the runners out there. Whether you are a 5k runner, 10k runner, half-marathon enthusiast or a full-time marathon runner, or anything and everything in-between; we have some exciting stuff for you!

When we came up with the idea for designing phone cases in the runners' style, we noticed that many phone cases didn't cover the trails like we do. So, with that in mind, we at Key's Creations decided to design phone cases that were Uplifting, Moving, and Inspirational. Running isn't just a sport, it's a lifestyle!

Designing the cases may have taken a marathon of effort (pun intended), but in the end, it was all worth it! As all of our fellow runners out there can agree, no one trains several months on end for a race just to back out when the going gets tough. Like, for example, what if you drop your phone during the race? Well, with our running-themed phone cases, that's one less thing you'll have to worry about!

With the feedback we'd gotten from our designs and our phone cases, we've deicded to try our hands at many different artistic projects, many of us are fans of sports, so our products and their designs will hopefully reflect that to our customers, where we can share our enjoyment of sports, activity, and an active lifestyle. Branching out into Football, Soccer, Dancing, etc.

We Have Gifts For Runners, Football Players, Soccer Players, Coffee Lovers, Co-workers, Dancers, And Pretty Much Anyone You Need To Get A Gift For, Especially When Doing Last Minute Gift Shopping, and that's for any occasion!  Needing a Christmas Gift? Birthday Gift? Or Just Gift Ideas? With More Items Being Added Regularly, Be Sure To Check Back Often For More Fun Stuff! You Never Know When You Might Find Something You Like!

Even Though Oakland Key (Pictured Above) May Be A Witty Graphic Designer, He May Not Be The Best At Being Photogenic, Or Not Being Self-Conscious, Or Something. And No, There's Not A Coffee Mug With That Saying On It. Yet!